Saturday, August 2, 2014

Patchouli Handmade Natural Soap Iron Distilled Essential Oil

This Patchouli soap is made with real, aged Patchouli oil. Are you a child of the 60’s or simply love the scent of Patchouli? Then this soap is for you. The essential oil is dark, rich and iron distilled to bring out the best qualities. It is well aged and comes from my private stash. Patchouli oil gets better with age. It mellows out to a dreamy, far out scent. No other color has been added.

Patchouli soap lathers easily, creating lots of frothy, scented bubbles. I make this soap in small batches so as not to waste this precious oil. Each batch is cured for six weeks. This makes the soap nice and mild. A fully cured bar will last longer in your bath or shower. This soap will feel like silk on your skin. The scent lingers on as Patchouli is considered a bottom note in perfumery. It is available at Ginger's Garden Handmade Soaps

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