Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Green Irish Tweed Handmade Soap

Green Irish Tweed Type handmade artisan soap is a masculine, upscale fragrance for men, and ladies love it! It has notes of French verbena, fresh lemon peel, Florentine iris, Dublin Ivy, green violet leaves, Mysore sandalwood and musky ambergris. The scent is clean, elegant, naturally luxurious, manly and classy. The color of this handcrafted bar is a gorgeous green, like the Emerald Isles. Green Irish Tweed is a luxury handmade soap for body, hands or the face. Buy Irish Tweed from The Emerald Isles for St. Patrick's Day from Ginger's Garden Handmade Soaps and get fresh and clean. Buy a bar here> Green Irish Tweed handmade Artisan Soap

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