Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brown Windsor Natural Luxury Classic Shaving Soft Soap Handmade Artisan Shave Soap

Brown Windsor Natural Luxury Shaving Soft Soap is a masculine hard cream soap or croap made for wet shaving. This best scented shave soap can be used directly on the beard or mustache and lathered there, or use with a shaving brush and a mug to create lots of stable lather. It is made from saponified stearic acid for lots of stable creamy bubbles, tallow; a traditional ingredient used in quality shaving soaps, olive oil for its conditioning properties, Coconut and palm kernel for superb cleansing, mango butter for moisturizing, castor oil for more lather and beeswax for hardness. Brown Windsor Shaving Soft Soap creates its own glycerin during the soapmaking process. I have added more natural glycerin as it creates a nice cushion on the face and helps prevent nicks and cuts.
Brown Windsor scent is a classic, natural essential oil blend extrapolated from a large recipe that originated in the early 19th century. It is said that it was invented by Richard Sturtevant and it was a favorite of Napoleon, Prince Albert and Lewis and Clark who carried it on their journeys. Brown Windsor Natural Luxury Shaving Soft Soap smells of warm spices, gentle herbs and refreshing citrus. The original 200 year old soap recipe contained brown caramel as coloring. I decided to keep my soap’s color natural with no added colors or any synthetic fragrances. This hard shave cream soap is made with only pure natural essential oils and in small batches.
The classic Aromatherapy blend consists of:
Italian Bergamot – refreshing citrus 
Caraway – spice that blends beautifully 
Cassia – spice that adds sweetness 
Lavender – herbal note to soothe 
Clove oil – a fragrant spice 
Petitgrain – soft floral from the citrus family

Brown Windsor Natural Luxury Shaving Soft Soap comes in a wide mouth jar so it’s simple to use with a shave brush. Each jar is 5 ozs. and comes with a resalable screw on lid. This makes it easy to carry the shaving soap with you to the gym, a business trip, camping or a vacation. Ginger’s Garden old fashioned premium shaving soap has a new twist.
Brown Windsor Natural Handmade Artisan Wet Shave Soap

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