Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fougère is now available in a special edition natural shaving soap

Fougère Fern Best Natural Vegan Shaving Soap is a luxury wet shave soap made with aromatherapy essential oils. Like any fine Fougère fragrance, this natural blend contains Lavender for its herbal note, Bergamot which adds a crisp citrus note and brightens the Lavender, Patchouli in a small amount to add depth, Vetiver for a long lasting deep note and Rose Geranium which adds a very soft floral note. It also contains Tonka Bean, Oakmoss, a touch of Jasmine and Rose for a perfect balance. Fougère is a classical masculine scent that’s fresh and green with some earthy and floral notes.

The name is French and it means a fern. This classic fragrance has been in existence since 1882. Ginger’s Garden Fougère shaving soap is made with natural oils with added glycerin. It is vegan and contains no animal based ingredients. The main ingredient is coconut oil along with stearic acid for lots of stable, long lasting, creamy bubbles essential to wet shaving. Buy Fougère shaving soap for the great lather, smooth shave and see how this timeless scent will add pleasure to your wet shaving routine. Fougère shaving soap comes in a jar that makes it easy to travel with. Buy yours today at 

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