Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ginger's Garden Father's Day Unique Gift Handmade Artisan Soap, Balm, Aftershave

Men's Wet Shaving Gift Basket makes a perfect gift for any wet shaving man in your life, or for anyone that's just starting to wet shave. Artisan wet shaving soap works straight on a wet face or use a shaving bowl or a scuttle and a shaving brush. Vegan shaving soap has been formulated to give you long lasting, stable lather, slickness with skin protection and glide for your razor.

 When you are done, splash on the natural aftershave. Ginger's Garden After Shave is cooling and soothing after wet shaving. Follow up with the after shave balm. A little goes a long way! Use the handmade artisan bath soap in your shower or bath. The travel shave stick take with you on a camping trip, a business trip out of town or to the gym.

You can choose any scent from the Scent List available on my web site at
Ginger's Garden Fathers Day Gifts 

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