Saturday, May 24, 2014

Father's Day Mug Scuttle, Brush and Wet Shave Handmade Artisan Soap Gift Set

Handmade wet shaving artisan soap is scented with essential oils of Lime and Grapefruit Yuzu which lets the aroma soothe and invigorate your senses. Each gift set includes a ceramic scuttle mug, round handcrafted shave soap puck and a shaving brush. My natural artisan shaving soaps are handmade from a unique formula. Wet Shave natural handmade soap will give you lots of stable bubbles that last and help your razor to glide, for less nicks, razor burn or irritation.

Lime Yuzu Grapefruit handcrafted wet shaving soap is round puck and hand cut to approximately 4.5 ozs. All my soaps are cured for 4 to 6 weeks. This makes them longer lasting. Makes a great gift for any man that's a wet shaver. This scuttle mug, brush and shaving soap set makes a wonderful gift for a birthday or Father's Day. Buy this shaving artisan soap for lots of stable creamy bubbles that are gentle on the skin.

Buy yours today at Ginger's Garden Handmade Soaps

Ginger's Garden Natural Shaving Soap, Scuttle Mug and Wet Shave Brush

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coconut oil Wet Shave Vegan Shaving Soap in a jar

Vegan Coconut oil Wet Shave Shaving Soap in a jar is for wet shavers that prefer a non-animal, vegetable based, basic natural shave soap. Artisan handmade shaving soap is made with pure coconut oil for a satisfying and clean shave, natural stearic acid for fine, long lasting lather with stable, creamy bubbles and vegetable derived glycerin for its humectant properties and a smoother, closer shave. Coconut oil shaving soap works well in both soft and hard water, including ocean water!

Natural coconut vegan shaving soap comes in a wide jar, so it’s easy to load up your shaving brush. Use this wet shave soap in a shaving mug or a scuttle, or apply directly to your face from the brush. It comes unscented. I can easily custom scent it for you if you prefer a scented soap. See the extensive Scent List and choose your favorite. My vegan shaving soaps are made in small batches to assure you of a quality product. Menthol Snow essential oil mint blend with menthol is shown in the photo for illustrative purposes.

Vegan Coconut oil Wet Shave basic Shaving Soap in a jar makes for a perfect gift for a birthday, Father’s Day, a new dad or a new wet shaver.  Use this link and buy yours today 

 Vegan Natural Wet Shave Shaving Soap

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