Thursday, February 28, 2013

Handmade exfoliating artisan soap with crushed grapeseeds

I was lucky enough to score some dried and crushed grape seeds and skins from a local wine maker. He didn't need them and was happy to gift them to me. He wanted to know if I can use them in soap. I said why not? They will make some nice exfoliating soap for those that work with their hand and get them dirty.

I made this handcrafted soap with mechanics, chefs or gardeners in mind. It washes away grease, grime and dirt and doesn't strip the skin. Since grape seeds don't have much of a scent, I added just a touch of a wine fragrance that smells like fine, well aged wine. The soap is a creamy tan color naturally. Buy this soap for a friend or get one for yourself and get your skin really clean. 

I like to walk barefoot most of the time as I live in the warm desert and this soap helps to keep my feet and heels soft and revitalized. Is it available in my store. Buy more then one and save on shipping. Click the link to go to my store. Ginger's Garden

Ginger's Garden Exfoliating Grape Seed Soap
This is what the Grape Seed Soap looks like. 


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